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American children's Sunglasses brand Hello & group launched in the world
May 30,2021 Sunglasses


The Hello&Group had launched the 2021 NYC (New York City) collection, covering 3 series called Playground, Skyline and Sunrise. These 3 series have 4 major color series, a total of 8 kinds of children's sunglasses. They are designed to provide professional and effective eye UV protection for children aged 4-10 in outdoor activities.



The design of this 2021 NYC collection is inspired by the city of New York, USA. Through the perception of the blending and collision of different skin colors, cultures and lifestyles, the designer extracts design elements from New York city landmarks such as Brooklyn Bridge, Queens, and Central Park, and integrates them in product design.


The advantage of this sunglasses is that its lenses can provide UV protection for children's eyes, as well as the careful selection of frame materials for children's outdoor activities.


Before the launch of Hello children's sunglasses, they passed over-limit tests by testers. Wearing the sunglasses in the low-light environment at night, it can effectively resist glare, polarized light, scattered light, etc. on the lane when driving at a speed of 120km/m per hour, and the performance is even better than that of the same price's adult professional anti-polarized sunglasses.



The lens is a TAC lens composed of 7 layers of materials, covered with 8 layers of colorful REVO film, providing UV400 ultraviolet protection, and the blocking efficiency of UVA/UVB ultraviolet rays is as high as 99.99%.


In order to facilitate children's outdoor use, Hello children's sunglasses are made of environmentally friendly materials. The weight of the glasses is 20g, which is only equivalent to the weight of 4-5 sheets of A4 paper. At the same time, it has excellent bending resistance, abrasion resistance and impact resistance. The whole cover is skin-safe and environmentally friendly paint, matte matte texture and anti-slip effect, which can effectively prevent sunglasses from slipping off when children run and jump.



Hello&Group children’s sunglasses have been simultaneously sold globally. Overseas consumers can log on to the Hello&Group global official website or purchase them on the Amazon platform. Hello sunglasses also have FDA U.S., CE European unified certification, GB Chinese national standard certification, which means that the product has quality access licenses for the North American, EU, and China, and it is indeed rare in the children's product market.


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