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BOSE QuietComfort Earbuds---The Best wireless noise canceling earbuds
May 30,2021 Headphones

The appearance looks fabulous. If you're afraid of staining the case, you can use a dust cover.


The earbuds are completely symmetrical, and they are tight connected to the charging case magnetically.

The shape of the earbuds fits the ear very well, and it's designed like  a fin to make sure it does not easily fall from ears, so you don't have to worry about losing it when you walk or run.

The BOSE Music APP's interface is simple and easy to operate. What surprised me most is their noise cancellation

and the sound's high quality.


As I said before, the BOSE QuietComfort Earbuds really are the best wireless noise canceling earbuds. The noise canceling effect is much better than any other headphones. When you put on the earbuds, turn on the noise canceling, the sounds around you will reduce 70% even if you don't play the music. If you play the White Noise, you can hardly hear any sound, only see the talking mouth.


About the sound's quality, I think it's also much better than my AirPods. I can hear many details that I couldn't hear before, such as the role of the bass player in the band, some low drum beats, and the harmonies that were not emphasized. Even the audience's applause will be clearer than my old headphones.


About the shortcoming, I heard that after the firmware upgrade, the noise canceling will be a little weaker. So I didn't upgrade.



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