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Rihanna personal make-up brand Fenty beauty launches new colored cream
May 30,2021 Cosmetics

The climate is getting warmer, which means that the next season has begun. The moisturizing base makeup has been used for a whole winter, and it is time to change to the new base makeup. After all, when going outside for a tourist in the spring, the base makeup should be lighter, thinner, and brighter.


Recently, Fenty beauty, which is a makeup brand created by Rihanna, has launched a new series tinted foundation called "Eaze Drop".



There are 25 shades of foundation on sale this time. People of any skin color can find their own exclusive color here. This is also very consistent with Rihanna's fashion philosophy. She believes that "everyone has a unique beauty", we should look for our true-self, and firmly believe that we will be the most shining.



This foundation mainly presents a make-up look which looks like natural good skin. According to the official brand introduction, this foundation is lighter and thinner than any other foundation launched by Fenty Beauty before.


But this time, the new foundation does not have the usual style of Fenty Beauty, such as 50 colors at onc!! People are wondering if the team is busy making music and has no time to make-up.


The new product will be on sale on March 26th at a price of $29.5. If you are interested in it, you can stay tuned.


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